About John Handley Bearings

JHB serves some of the UK’s largest industrial companies and strategic industries with a range of specialist bearing products. With more than 50 years’ experience, the JHB name is synonymous with quality products, accurate specification, technical expertise, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

As a leading distributor to some of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers, JHB is proud to serve a varied cross-section of industries.

Our manufacturing partners

We are proud to hold prestigious distributorships with NSK Linear, Thomson Linear, SealTrain® and The Bowman Group. These relationships are founded on trust and a passion for accurate specification, bearing performance and unrivalled delivery solutions.

A family run business

With roots firmly in the Midlands, the Handley family has been shaping the bearings industry since the mid-1920s. Three generations later, the granddaughter of the late John Handley (Snr), daughter of John Handley (Jr), is at the helm – delivering with integrity the exacting standards which have formed the foundation of the business for over 50 years.

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